Error Message that my data was thrown by Revit

Hello everyone,

Good evening!!

I would like to ask you about the error message I got today. I attached the error screenshot that my Revit data was thrown.

These days I am trying to control the parameters using grasshopper scripts and excel data. I created Revit family data and loaded it into the project. And I joined the parameters with the output data that I calculated from the excel data and at the time, I got this error message. If I joined with the number slider, it worked.

How could I solve this problem? Could you all please explain it to me? I highlighted my connection in grasshopper.

Screenshot 2024-05-09 142943 (112.6 KB)
revit2024.1 (2).rfa (560 KB)
GH Project 2 斜め75(Recovery).rvt (11.8 MB)

I’m missing some key pieces.

Can you isolate just the part that is breaking? Internalizing the incoming data that is causing the issue? Thanks (205.4 KB)

Hello, good morning

I am really sorry for the inconvenience. I thought it is complicated a lot and I reduced some of them and it lead missing pieces.

Now I attached new .gh file and the video about my error, if I joined the numbers from my calculation, my family data disappear and I got red color error at the scripts. How could I solve that problem? If you have suitable ideas, could you explain it to me?

Have a nice day, everyone!! (205.4 KB)