Error in Vertical Grid Analyze

Analyze Curtain Grid Error on Vertical Grids only…

1. Solution exception:Multiple targets could match: ToRhino(Curve), ToRhino(PolyLine), ToRhino(IEnumerable[CurveLoop]), ToRhino(Solid), ToRhino(Mesh), ToRhino(GeometryObject), ToRhino(Face), ToRhino(CylindricalHelix), ToRhino(IEnumerable[XYZ]), ToRhino(BoundingBoxXYZ), ToRhino(Transform), ToRhino(Color), ToRhino(XYZ), ToRhino(Point), ToRhino(Ellipse), ToRhino(HermiteSpline), ToRhino(NurbSpline), ToRhino(Plane), ToRhino(Line), ToRhino(Arc)

hmmm, its only happening on 1 of the 26 walls. I’ll see if i can narrow it down.


the issue cleared up when i deleted and reinserted grids