Error in successive boolean union operation in a loop

i am trying boolean consequetive cones from a list of cones in a " for loop iteration "
but i am getting an error which say s :
Runtime error (ValueErrorException): unable to convert [<System.Guid object at 0x00000000000000DB [6ab89d7f-61cd-4630-9cbc-e0417677843e]>, <System.Guid object at 0x00000000000000DC [b9c4f0ee-cedf-40df-b3b4-a10733ad8c69]>] into Brep geometry
can anybody help me with this …?? i want to boolean union the cone one by one !

Hard to tell from a screen shot, but it looks like one of the input objects for the BooleanUnion function is not a surface or polysurface

i can attach the file