Error in export of layout to PDF

When trying to export a layout as a PDF I receive the following error message:
“Speichern als /Users/…/xyz.pdf fehlgeschlagen.
Fehler des Plug-ins zum Schreiben der Datei”
translates somehow like “Error saving as…pdf. Plugin error when writing file.”
Any idea?

Hi Johannes -
Which command do you use when creating a PDF file?
Does this work any different if you are saving to a folder that is not synchronized?

Hey Wim,

thanks for the feedback - how could you tell that I’m saving to a synced folder? Indeed I did, but changing that didn’t help.
I’m exporting using the dropdown menu, file>export, i do get a window nicely showing the preview and PDF export options like paper size, line thickness and so on, but when hitting “apply” I do get the error message.

All the best,