Error: Fuzzy solid hatches upon Print to PDF

I’m drafting a pretty normal architectural drawing set in Rhino 5 educational, using Layouts and then Print to make PDFs. Using both CutePDF and Adobe PDF writers, I am getting these fuzzy spiky edges around my solid hatches. It appears to be worse on spline/bezier curve outlined hatches, but still is bad on lines-and-arcs polyline border hatches, and even infects some line-only polyline border hatches.

If I zoom in on the PDF, the spikes are still there although they decrease in size, and I can tell from the refresh-draw render when panning on the PDF that the hatches are made up of thousands of very skinny mesh-like triangles…I have changed the lineweight on my HATCH layer to no avail, it’s currently at Default. Same appearance on different computers and devices when I send the PDF. How to give my hatches a haircut??

Hello - can you post an example hatch or two, including the input curves?


fuzzyhatch.3dm (351.2 KB)

I copied and pasted the hatch objects to another file and printed from layout there…no fuzz! Strange. fuzzyhatch01.pdf (116.3 KB)

I’m cleaning and deidentifying my original file so I can upload it…

200403_CZC-try9-8_ACTUAL FUZZY PDF.pdf (165.7 KB)

Thanks, I see that in your actual fuzzy pdf. Can you please upload the full file to (confidential) to my attention, and include a link back to this topic? Also, can you please run SystemInfo in Rhino and copy/paste the results here?


I get this quite a lot, using Acroplot Pro, which is otherwise a very good PDF printer. I’ve never found the cause for it. If you want more example files (also V5), I can send them to you @pascal

Hi Matt - The OP here has very old video drivers and not great video support to begin with - I am fairly certain that is to blame - his file prints fine from V5 and V6 here.


But I get comments about it when I send the PDF to clients? Is the PDF generation dependent upon video drivers?

In any case, I haven’t updated my driver in ages, so I’ll give it a go. Thanks for the heads-up :slightly_smiling_face:

Printing is very tightly integrated with display.