Error: Fuzzy solid hatches upon Print to PDF

I’m drafting a pretty normal architectural drawing set in Rhino 5 educational, using Layouts and then Print to make PDFs. Using both CutePDF and Adobe PDF writers, I am getting these fuzzy spiky edges around my solid hatches. It appears to be worse on spline/bezier curve outlined hatches, but still is bad on lines-and-arcs polyline border hatches, and even infects some line-only polyline border hatches.

If I zoom in on the PDF, the spikes are still there although they decrease in size, and I can tell from the refresh-draw render when panning on the PDF that the hatches are made up of thousands of very skinny mesh-like triangles…I have changed the lineweight on my HATCH layer to no avail, it’s currently at Default. Same appearance on different computers and devices when I send the PDF. How to give my hatches a haircut??

Hello - can you post an example hatch or two, including the input curves?


fuzzyhatch.3dm (351.2 KB)

I copied and pasted the hatch objects to another file and printed from layout there…no fuzz! Strange. fuzzyhatch01.pdf (116.3 KB)

I’m cleaning and deidentifying my original file so I can upload it…

200403_CZC-try9-8_ACTUAL FUZZY PDF.pdf (165.7 KB)

Thanks, I see that in your actual fuzzy pdf. Can you please upload the full file to (confidential) to my attention, and include a link back to this topic? Also, can you please run SystemInfo in Rhino and copy/paste the results here?


I get this quite a lot, using Acroplot Pro, which is otherwise a very good PDF printer. I’ve never found the cause for it. If you want more example files (also V5), I can send them to you @pascal

Hi Matt - The OP here has very old video drivers and not great video support to begin with - I am fairly certain that is to blame - his file prints fine from V5 and V6 here.


But I get comments about it when I send the PDF to clients? Is the PDF generation dependent upon video drivers?

In any case, I haven’t updated my driver in ages, so I’ll give it a go. Thanks for the heads-up :slightly_smiling_face:

Printing is very tightly integrated with display.


I’m having a similar issue as previously described by MattE.

I’m uploading two pdf’s of the same drawing. One is from my machine and the other is from my colleague. I’m unsure why the lines are printing this way as we are using the same workflow and all of the print settings in Rhino appear to be the same. He is a mac user and I’m on a windows machine.

fs02_deidentified.pdf (1.0 MB)
fs02_ak_deidentified.pdf (720.9 KB)