Error from old installation through windows-msi installer


I have an educational license for the full version of Karamba3d I activated the license a few weeks back and prior to this, I had a trial version.

on launching grasshopper, I get an error about another version of Karamba installed somewhere. error message image is attached below.

But when I check my control panel or my packages folder under Cdrive>>McNeel>>Rhino7 I do not have any other version installed. Hence I do not know how to uninstall this

How can I purge this other Karamba and get rid of this error?



this error results when you have installed Karamba using the installer as well as with the Package Manager. You need to make sure to remove one of these. I suggest the Package Manager if you are developing scripts in Karamba.

thanks for your suggestions, I was able to fix the issue. :+1: