Error fix (blue screen windows)


(Daniilangelo Bravi) #1

After starting Rhino6, this message appears and the blue screen PC! For a week I can not model, and only a Rhino6 problem, because I have zbrush and other software but the pc does not crash.

Rhino causes bluescreen when closing file
(Steve Baer) #2

Typically drivers are the only things that can actually blue screen Windows. In this case it is probably your graphics driver. I would check to see if a new graphics driver exists for your computer.

(Daniilangelo Bravi) #3

I tried to update the graphics driver, but continues to give problems only with rhino6, I have an Nvidia 1070 gtx.

I checked all the programs I have: zbrush, affinity photo and designer, blender, none of these gives me problems.

Even now after the start of Rhino6, the PC BIOS has been activated.

Can it depend on a Windows update? Up until 2 weeks ago, everything worked

(Luc) #4

Huh. Got that just now – on exiting Rhino!
Drivers are up to date. Sadly lost a Grasshopper file this way…

(Daniilangelo Bravi) #5

Problem solved, were the latest Windows updates that stopped rhino6!
I blocked the November and December updates of Windows.

(Adonisalsaad) #6

I have the same problem!!

(Daniilangelo Bravi) #7

Uninstall the latest Windows updates, you need to block them.

Now everything works for me (Rhinoceros) zbrush, blender etc etc …


Well, that’s not exactly a good long term solution, it’s good to keep Windows updated - in fact it’s what McNeel always asks if there is a problem… We do need to find out how the update is causing the problem… and fix that.

(Daniilangelo Bravi) #9

You’re right, but for now the Windows updates have done more damage than I had, I blocked these current but when they do the next updates, then I will check, because at present the PC is stuck.

Sorry for English

(Luc) #10

Actually the latest KB from few days ago specifc stated it should solve those nasty SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED