Error(CS1034): Compiler limit exceeded: Line cannot exceed 16777214 characters (line 82)

I create many components using the Metahopper save snippet feature and also use this as a way of delivering .gh files through the toolbar. image

I am having an error in R7 with a component created from a particularly large snippit, see error below. This component works in R6. All other components created with the Metahopper Save Snippit feature work in R7 but this one.

This snippit is a full capture of a 13MB gh file. Unfortunately, I can’t share the proprietary file. Any idea why R7 would have a size limitation but not R6? Thanks.

CS1034 is a C# compiler error and has nothing to do with Rhino 7, but with the implementation of Metahopper. It seems that Metahopper generates code and by doing so it exceeds the maximum limit of characters in a single line of code (obviously :). It’s a bug and it probably occurs much later than expected. Unless Metahopper gets patched you can’t do much about it…

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yes, don’t do this :slight_smile:

Hey,What happened to this bug? I also encountered it today :frowning: