Error between model table and manifest information


I have experienced rather odd error:

RenderMaterial[39] name missing from document manifest.
Material: Error: differences between model table[39] and manifest information.

I haven’t found any information about this at forum, so I have no clue, what that error means.

It is lagging my model until I run audit, but once I run render, I have to audit again. This is most anoying when using interactive render, which can’t update until model is ready, but model is lagged unit audit command, but audit command is somehow not working when interactive render is running. Therefore interactive render is useless.

That being said, under audit I found about 650 of those errors. My model is composed from 5 files, which I use as attached external references (buildings, interior, terrain, greenery with proxies etc…). I do not have latest update, cause I am at the middle of rather large project and I can’t afford to fuck up everything cause of update bug or discompatibility with graphics card driver (happened few times before :-/ ).

Thank you for any advices.


P.S. If someone writes “I have the same problem” without actual solution, I will find you and stick something very large and very sharp into your body part, where sun does not shine…

Hi Joe - are all materials Rhino materials? or is another renderer involved?


P.S. Please don’t be preemptively obnoxious. It is actually not useless to hear about other instances of an odd problem.

Hello Pascal, I am using V-ray 3.60.04

Most materials are vray materials, but there are some rhino materials aswell. I suspect external references are involved in this problem. More specificaly, when you load external file, all Vray materials copy into active model. If there is conflict in name, it should resolve itself upon loading by my choice in pop up menu.

I have no way to know for sure since I have no clue and I have failed to find what that error means.

Thank you for care,


P.S. I am not trying to be such an asshole, I am just alergic to lines such: “I have the same problem, can anyone help?” :wink:

Hi Joe-

I do not know what to suggest for the vray materials problem, I will see what I can find out.

You might consider peoples allergies to your obnoxious comment, is the point I was attempting to make. It is at least an order of magnitude more obnoxious than the non-existent comment you were ostensibly trying to prevent, which by the way, you can just get used to, they happen.


Hi Pascal,

It would be huge help to at least explain, what Document manifest and manifest information is?