Error 200 with Rhino main update. Where can I download SR7?

Hello. I had a similar problem a couple weeks ago.
Rhino was asking to be updated to a new release and that was causing Error200 with Rhino Inside telling me it couldn’t launch the license server.
I solved it, but now I got it again…
From the main McNeel page I can get Rh7SR6 (can’t find the SR7 from the automatic update)
I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything several times and Rhino won’t start inside Revit…
Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Hi Miguel -

You would have to change the update frequency to “Service Release Candidate” for Rhino 7.7 to automatically get installed.

Just making sure - are you running the latest version of Rhino.Inside.Revit (v0.6)?
Have you seen the " Initialization Error -200" section on the “Known Issues” page?

The ideas in the Known Issues don´t apply as (I think) I don´t have Naviate addin or pyRevit.
Can´t I get the Rhino 7 SR7 msi installer? I can´t find the download page to make a clean install and not update it through SR6.
Lat´s time this solution (complete uninstall and reinstall) worked, but not this time.

Hi -

Just change your update frequency and Rhino will offer you the link when you click on “Check Now…”.

-200 is a .net error. Try and launch rhino by itself. Make sure it runs.

Also, make sure rhino.inside Revit is new also.

Is this running on windows server software or desktop?

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Rhino 7.7 freshly installed is running perfectly.
Rhino.Inside freshly installed gives error-200 again.
All running in Windows 10 pro desktop.
It was running flawleslly till a few days ago, then Rhino started advising for a new installation again and everything went south.
I now we shouldn´t use it for “production” but I´m conducting a controlled user research experiment for my thesis and I´m desperate… Would sure appreciate an emergency help! :cold_sweat:

Thanks @scottd and @wim . I managed to have it up and running again after installing a couple hotfixes from Revit, so it seems (as expected) there was no problem on Rhino´s side.
Just a small suggestion/wish: would it be possible to identify “visibly” the Rhino.Inside installation files with the release number like in Rhino? I stumbled a couple of times because I hadn´t (unconsciously) properly overwritten a previous download…

And thanks again for the help!!