Error: 1. solution expection: Index out of range

I´m trying to project geometry done in Rhino to a new generated layer in Rhino. Therefore include layernames with the “human” tool “layertable”. The following steps are shown on the picture below.
After extracting the relevant layers with a small pyhton script I try to project and bake some geometry to the right layers including the right colors.

  1. The tool “project” can´t project hatches, surfaces and point. Do you have any good python scripts handling this problem?
  2. The tool “bake geometry” by the human plug in shows the error “1. solution exception:The index was out of range. It must be non-negative and smaller than the collection.
    Parameter name: index”. In smaller examples i could fix this by drawing a geometry on every layer but that´s not what i want to do in the end.
    If wanted i can share the .3dm and .gh file but it´s kinda big :slight_smile:

Big thanks in advance.