Erosion in sedimentary rock layers for topographic paper landscapes

Hello everyone!

I am trying to replicate the erosion in sedimentary rock layers. The final output should be used for topographic paper landscapes like the ones from Noriko Ambe. So far, I managed to achieve the result below, but the effect is not there yet.

My script is based on two polylines, from which I created a set of random tween curves, then divided the curves in points and moved those points using noise values (the Tundra plug-in). The points served as a base for interpolated curves which have been lofted for the final result.

Any ideas or suggestions how it could be done differently, so the final outcome resembles better the effect?

123 (45.7 KB)


Deconstruct the mesh and move the vertices using Perlin Noise and rebuild mesh.

rock (50.7 KB)


Great idea! I will try to explore it.

Thank you for the reply!

Depending how much time you wish to spend, you can make a more realistic sandstone and.or shale by adding some of the geologic features found in natural rocks: varied height layers, cross bedding, displacement faulting, boundary layer staining, rock joint spacing (small faults); dendrite formation near a joint, the list goes on, and these are specific to sedimentary rocks only