ER: simple constraints still active when related radio button is no more selected

in Bongo properties of an object
if you add a simple constraint, e.g. to a path
and then change your mind and click the radio button “Part of an IK chain” \ “Constraint” …
the interface let you think that the simple constraint is no more existing because of the use of radio buttons and because the small table with the simple constraints disappears.
But in the keyframes, both (simple constraint and Part of an IK chain \ Constrain are active.
The workaround is to select Simple constraints again and to remove the constraint.

It may be interesting to keep the old simple constraint but, in the Bongo Keyframe Editor, the simple constraint should then be automatically disabled (Store constrain information unticked)


Bongo works correctly but I agree it’s confusing. We’ll try to make this more clear. Thank you for pointing it out.