Equivalent of CreateRegions command in RhinoCommon

Is there an equivalent of CreateRegions command as applied on non-manifold PolySurfaces that can be called from the grasshopper python script component?

I couldn’t find anything in the RhinoCommon docs in the Brep Class.

@Helvetosaur I hope you don’t mind me mentioning you, but I noticed from my searches that you were involved with the topic, and I thought maybe you might know.

In the Rhino.Geometry.Brep class, you have two methods.

MergeBreps() is the equivalent of “NonManifoldMerge”.

GetRegions() is the equivalent of “CreateRegions”

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Thanks! I had actually tested GetRegions() before I asked, but I got confused because it gave me Rhino.Geometry.BrepRegion objects.

Turned out I just had to dig deeper into the classes.