Equilibrium Accurancy for Formfinding

what does RHS and dU mean?
Would it be useful to be able to set a lower Equilibrium Accurancy for Formfinding if i use large Models like 1 Rhino Unit=1mm
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Yes, you can by using the following snippet:
Change_fofi_accuracy.gh (4.9 KB)

However, it only makes a difference if you have elastic elements like beams or shells in your form finding analysis.

dU is the sum of all degrees of freedom (=entries in the displacement vector) and RHS is the residual force in the system.

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Thank you very much, very illuminating !!!
I think I am correct in assuming that the Equilibrium Accurancy is linked to DeltaU.
what are the units for dU and RHS(Newton?)?

The accuracy is linked to both. If one of them is smaller, the simulation terminates the respective step.
The units are the same as chosen for the analysis model. Length dU and force RHS.

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