Equals with multiple values without altering the list structure


I have list with numbers and I want to check if the values are equal to one of the values of the other list (0,90,180), but I dont want to alter the list structure, when I use the equals component it sets a “True” or “False” for every item of the evaluation list.

What I would like to do is to only have one “True” or “False”, for every item. That Means that in result I get the same list structure with its items, but instead of the numeric value is either a “Ture” or a “False”


You could try Set Intersection. It would be nice to see a file?

Equality.gh(7.2 KB)

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For some reason is not working
Modelo GH 22.5 02.gh (262.2 KB)

Well, it work by setting the sets inside the component, weird. Thank you anyways!

You should be care about the data type when using Member Index.

Modelo GH 22.5 02_re.gh (250.5 KB)

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Thank You