EQUALS component not working

Hi all,
I have a problem with the equals component.
I’m trying to select curves passing from a point, but the equals component fails.
I read in another discussion that it could be a tollerance problem, but how to set the tollerance to make it working?

it the moment I set the maximum tollerance possible

Test if absolute value is less than 0.00001

How to test it? with a “smaller than” node?
Anyway, I solved it just rounding the values before equalize it, but it’s not the first time this happends, it would be awesome if the equalize node would have a tollerance input ;).

See here: Strange behavior of Smaller Than component

I’ve made an equality within tolerance component in my plug-in pufferfish. In the linked post I have also shown how to do it native GH way.

This question (and many other) have been asked many times before. Always good to give the forum a quick search before posting.

Equality.gh (11.3 KB)

Thanks a lot, I usually search before posting, but I missed this one, thanks!