Equally Spaces Topography Contours, Galapagos

I know I just made a topic regarding slopes. Just thought this is nothing to do with it.
As it is an interesting problem / idea I am working with.

I am trying to slice a terrain but having all contours spaced equally in plan not in section as usual. Meaning each cantor will have different elevation. ))

I thought to use Galapagos for this task, but I new to it. A little help will be appreciated.

The idea is:

  1. Create contours as usual
  2. Test distance between contours in plan
  3. If distances are not close to identical change elevation of each contour (slicing plane)
  4. Do 3 until contours are equally spaced in plan

It will give me equal steps width with different risers if it make sense.

I made a quick sketch. Will watch some videos regarding Galapagos.

EQ_Contours.gh (11.4 KB)