Equally spaced perforation border

Hello again,
I’m making a parametric perforated volume and for the moment I have a perforated with a “stair” effect on the border and I would like to have an equally spaced perforation on the border like the picture

I try to follow the outlines (kangaroo 1) but I’m lost with kangaroo 2 …

My project :
1 Perforations Parametrique .3dm (3.0 MB)
1 Perforations Parametrique .gh (18.7 KB)

Thanks !

Hi @user378

If you want to distribute points in a curve or on a surface here’s one way

distribute_pts_in_curve.gh (10.4 KB)

You can also remesh and use the vertices


Thanks a lot just wondered why it’s doing a weird circle without points ? the place of this shape without perforations change with the number of points I put in U and V.


test5 perforations (1).gh (8.2 KB)

Try to adjust the “range” slider of C# component.

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Thanks I will try that !