Equalize outputs with differing sliders

I have a script with two sliders that lead to two (numerical) outputs. The outputs have to be the same. Is it possible to automatically change the sliders until they find two identical outputs?
I use the equality component to check whether the outputs are identical, but now I have to change the sliders manually which takes to much time.
Both sliders influence both outputs.

Hi Joren -

Yes, you can use the Galapagos component on the Parameter tab for this.

Thanks, I first thought Galapagos could only optimize until a maximum was found.
When I turn the Equality into a number value this is possible of course.

Galapagos will find minimum or maximum. Can you subtract one from the other and get the results in an absolute format? If you can then you could have Galapagos look for minimum.


if you use two lists of numbers as inputs, you can use the cross-reference and the member index to discover the where is the equality.