Environment Textures Broken After Last Update?

So after either the last update (or possibly the one before that), the environment textures in my materials in Rhino 8 are not working as expected anymore. This is a concern because I sell a jewelry kit and a material library for Rhino8 that will both be affected by this. I guess I really just want to know the ultimate plan here and maybe get advice for the best cource of action (i.e., do I need to change all my materials because this is just the way materials are going to work here on out or do I just need to wait for a future update to fix this?).

This time I felt a video was warranted to demonstrate the issue. The video is unlisted so only people with the link can view it.


It would be best if you could share a file with us. You can do so confidentially using our upload service rhino3d.com/upload . Please copy a link to this topic in the comments for the upload so we know what the file is for.

I made a sample file for you guys and figured out more stuff after more experimenting, all of which I put in the comments to the upload. Let me know if you all need more info.


Thanks, I’ll check the ZIP file you uploaded.

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@williamjb741 I don’t see a difference between old and new stylized versions of your materials - I’m testing with the upcoming Rhino 8.10 though (will become service release candidate hopefully next week).

There is a difference with the new realistic one, but I don’t know yet where that comes from. I’d stick to your old versions, they look all good as far as I can tell, both stylized and realistic.

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@nathanletwory Thanks for looking at it and getting back to me so quickly. Just as an FYI, this is what I see when I look at old vs new stylized gem materials on my PC. However, it’s encouraging to hear that Rhino 8.10 might possibly resolve the issue. I will wait for that to see what happens. Thanks again.

Ah, I see this works on the Mac version correctly, but not on the Windows version. I’ll log a bug.

It’ll be at least a month before the person responsible for this code gets to work on it though.

edit: RH-82896 Custom material with env map created in Rhino 7 loads incorrectly in Rhino 8 Rendered mode

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