Environment sun bug?


Can anyone dup this. Make a (simple)surface. Give it a material. Add a environment ( I chose sky ). Select sun . See if program crashes. Running V5 sr13


@pascal . If you have time to dup this . Maybe in V5 it’s too late for a fix. I haven’t tried in the WIP. Thanks,Mark

(John Brock) #3

Does the crash reporting system come up, or what exactly happens?
If the crash reported does come up, are you sending them in?


Hi John, what comes up is a crash report. I am not near the internet when I’m drawing. I can duplicate it and send it in if it helps. Thanks ,Mark
I was wondering if anyone else could duplicate it.

(Pascal Golay) #5

Hi Mark - a couple of questions -

what other panels are showing when this happens?

What is/are the display modes in the viewports?

Are your display drivers up to date?



Drivers are up to date. I am using one viewport(generally right view) nothing as far as extra . I tried to dup it to the simplest form. Just a 2 point rectsngle surface. Give it a material. Put an environment(sky). Go to turn on sun, thats when program needs closing( not responding) then send mcneel crash report(dialog box).
As soon as I am able and it happens again, it will get send in. Thanks, Mark
Oh, rendered in viewport.:slightly_smiling_face:

(Pascal Golay) #7

Hi Mark - does this happen if you start in say Wireframe in all views, do your thing, get the Sun going, then switch the view to Rendered?



I generally like working with a single viewport. I did start in wireframe. Let me try and get all the steps down and I’ll get it back to you. Let me say that I did use pictureframe to have as a reference image. I neglected to say that up front. The rest is as explained as before.–Mark


Hi @pascal, I sent in a report on this problem. Luckly it doesnt do it in the WIP.
Are you able to duplicate this behavior ? In my work, this the only instability I have come across. Thanks, Mark

(Wim Dekeyser) #10

That’s correct - there won’t be any fixes to Rhino 5. Good thing that it works in the WIP (-: