Environment Mapping Pixelated

Some Environment Map images produce large “pixel” like splotches where others don’t. Any ideas as to why this is?

Hello - what is the image size, in pixels, of the ones that look better vs the ones that look worse (on the same surface).



Hello - if the good and bad looking images (applied to the same surfaces) are the same size… please post an example with the images…


Hi Pascal,

5000x5000 Blurred JPG
5000x5000 no-blur.
it seems like if there is any noise or texture that the mapping gets messy.

Ah. What happened to 500 by 500? Beyond a certain size, Rhino down-samples - I have no idea if that is what is going on here, but it seems possible at least. (i.e. I don’t remember the cut off for the size, I’ll ask)


it was happening at 500x500 as well. I just did the larger thinking it would help, but seems it is the same. if they are blurred they work much better. any type of secondary detail results in magnified noise.