Environment issue and render hang



I am presently uploading a file to Andy that shows a couple issues. One, the GI environment background randomly goes black (and it seems to happen with either the giant hdr set as the current environment or a smaller one) and after pasting some background from another file the Neon render time has either gone berserk or it’s hanging after 2-4 passes.


The issues don’t seem to exclusive to Neon, if I render in Brazil I get a black background and no environment lighting, render time seems ok.


I remembered an issue a while back with some HDR files and this was from the same source, so converting to EXR fixed the Brazil rendering and I think the disappearing neon background. It is still stalling out or something after a small number of passes in Neon.

(Andrew le Bihan) #4

That’s a huge HDR image - any chance you could reduce the size?


Sure, but it does have to be good enough to provide the background, and the same issues do happen with a somewhat smaller version.

(Brian James) #6

Hi Jim,

The Brazil advanced environment still doesn’t work in Neon but using it would allow for a custom BZ GI env with your HDR and then a tonemapped or 8 bit image at significant res for the actual visible background. I don’t have this monster sized HDR to test here of course but it works with a simple test and might help. Using the middle exposure pano from the bracketed series used for the HDRI is best in my experience if you have access to it.

(Andrew le Bihan) #7


I’ve figured it out. That HDR file has some extraneous data on the end that confuses the loader. Unfortunately, the loader is part of Rhino and it can’t be fixed until SR6 or SR7 (depending on a code review here).

Conversion to an EXR file will probably fix it as a workaround.

  • Andy

(Andrew le Bihan) #8

I’m not getting the Neon hang - but then, this may well be related to the failure to load the HDR file.


What’s the best way to set that up? I tried that with a smaller HDR for lighting(though a dome light) and a big 8-bit TIFF backdrop(advanced environment,) and the result was not really the big increase in speed of handling I was hoping for. Also now since they’re decoupled the environment image doesn’t automatically line up with the lighting, I can’t seem to adjust the position of the backdrop/reflection map in Neon using the mapping offset, and doing a Brazil rendering results in a black backdrop and reflections.

(Brian James) #10

Hi Jim,

I’d set it up like this…

AdvEnvBZ.zip(6.3 MB)

The workaround here is having a separate basic env. with an instance of the visible BG image for use when lining things up in the viewport. The adv. env. with both that and the GI is then used for the actual render and the Sun is used for the hard shadows as well in this case. I tweaked the Matte material shadow to match the BG image too.

And one with edge softening and reflections…