Environment Horizon


Dear Rhino Users,

Is it possible to shift environment horizon to avoid gap between - in this case - ground plane with water material and horizon of environment?
In uploaded file I used hemispherical projection.

Or maybe there is some other trick to make it work?

(Rob McPherson) #2

This is a feature I’d like to have too (available for all render engines).

I’d also like to to be able to angle the environment about X and Y.

(Brian James) #3

You can adjust the altitude of the environment texture in it’s settings within the environment. The other adjustment of azimuth is a rotation of the texture around Z.


Thank You BrianJ. I see this is valid only for HDR images. Other files types, like tiff that I am using are not supported with this feature.

So now I need to find way to change my tiff to HDR. I will try Gimp…

(Brian James) #5

Although that might work, the resulting hdr file wouldn’t really have a high dynamic range so it might be confusing later on. There’s another texture type too called Projection Changer that I wanted to mention but this doesn’t work correctly with Neon. I think the easiest thing to do might be to edit the image so the horizon is higher in Gimp, Photoshop or any other 2D app and then use that image. Of course you could also raise the ground plane height along with the model.


And you could open your env image at an image eding software and cut the upper part a little bit. Now the horizon line should be down.