Envelope curves from Laurent Delrieu

Hi there Guys, I’ve encountered an issue here on Laurent Delrieu’s code :smiley:

I wanted to apply this amazing script of his into multiple trees for my project so I went testing with simple lines to see if its possible to apply it on three set of trees for example. I’ve tried my best to find and make PP LP for those trees but in the last script which is Vb which I have no idea about, it’s not showing the right geometry. actually all applies into one mesh.

Would you please help me out here I’m stuck in two days trying to fix it but no luck.

I want to make custom profile for lots of lines and his script really would do the job if it was possible to be applied into multiple trees.

thanks a million
, Amir

heart_thickened_edgsdsde.gh (68.4 KB)
ENvelop of Lines.3dm (166.0 KB)

Hi there, Can you please help me with this :smiley:
I’ve asked in your Instagram but as you said its best to ask in here . :pray: :pray: :pray:

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