Enum Layers in Group ( but only once)


I’d like to know how to enum layers in selected group.
I’d like to enum all layers of all objects in group ( Group can have groups recursively ), even if But Only once.

Hi Katsu, i guess you´re still doing it in Python. Below script will print each group name followed by the layers the objects in the groups are on:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

def LayersFromGroups():

    obj_ids = rs.GetObjects("Pick grouped objs", 0, True)
    if not obj_ids: return

    # a set of group names
    g_set = set()

    # gets all groups once
    for id in obj_ids:
        [g_set.add(g) for g in rs.ObjectGroups(id)]

    for group in g_set:
        # get all objects in each group
        objects = rs.ObjectsByGroup(group, False)

        l_set = set()
        [l_set.add(rs.ObjectLayer(obj)) for obj in objects]

        print "GroupName: " + group
        for l in l_set: print l

if __name__=="__main__":