Entertaining Rhino Tutorials

I’m trying to find some entertaining tutorials on Rhino to make the learning as painless as possible. Any know of any that are particularly well presented?

Hi Tim,

I’d suggest to start here and browse through the video’s and pick one you think is interesting.

There are other sites with more tutorials yet I do not have them at the ready.

I guess others will chime in with more sites/tutorials

Enjoy learning!


are you new to 3D in general or just new to rhino?

In the last 20 years I’ve used a fair few CAD packages.

Maya 2003-2011
Alias/studiotools 2000-2002
Solidworks 2000-2002
Autocad 1996-2000
Ashlar Vellum 1994-2000

Although basic, I think the lynda.com tutorial is pretty good. Is it entertaining? I guess so, not sure. Cadjunkie also has some good stuff.

“Entertaining Tutorials” reminds me of “Comedy Driving School”.

However, I am strongly considering creating a new set of tutorials as a basis for rhino based production and I will do my best to keep them fun, there is definitely room for improvement on this score in the world of online learning.

in that case, i’d say go through the tutorials via the Help menu (you’re on mac, right?)…

Help-> Learn Rhino -> training manuals…

there will be some stuff in there which doesn’t apply to mac but i’m more talking about the command stuff & sample models etc (i can’t remember if the models are included in the app or if i downloaded them separately-- it’s been a while. if you have to download them, they will show up in this menu once installed)… most of that will be working on mac already… once you get a basic grasp on the commands, watch the more advanced videos (imo)

here are a couple from a car forum that i liked (even though i have no plans to design a car :wink: ) …everything in these are doable in mac rhino.

this webinar is by @BrianJ who posts here at discourse.