Enter random coordinate triple in command line?

When the command line is prompting me for a position, is there any way to enter a random coordinate triple?

It would be conventient for randomizing texture positions.

None that I know of … you’ll need to script that I guess. I guess you’d need limits in order to get things in the right area, stuff like that. What exactly are you trying to do?


I have a lot of wooden blocks with the same dimensions. If they all have texture mapping in the same position then this looks weird. So I go manually through the blocks, one by one, and change texture position. This doesn’t take very long. Only I don’t like that I have to invent random coordinates for each block. It would be more convenient if I could just do for each block:

  1. Select block.

  2. In Texture Mapping, click: XYZ / Pick

  3. Enter in command line: random