Ensuring input names are not cut off in iFrame regardless of screen aspect ratio

Hi guys

Is there any way to ensure that the input names on our ShapeDiver script will always be shown? We have fairly long input titles which are shortened with an ellipsis for mobile users or various screen sizes. Is there a way we can fix the input bar to always ensure this does not happen?

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This is not possible I’m afraid. iFrame is an easy option for embedding but doesn’t give you lot of flexibility in terms of UI. If you want create better experience for your project, use direct embedding instead and generate custom UI as you wish. This code example show how to generate controls form the model parameters:

Thanks for the prompt response Pavol, I thought as much. Our web developers are looking at ways to ensure certain sizes are maintained to prevent the inputs from changing lengths.

In the meatime, I have just put a request in for a ladybug component to be used in order for views to be captured for download by the user. If this could be reviewed promptly it would be much appreciated. Our LFA architecture event is currently live and this is a key feature we are hoping to implement.

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