Enlarging/changing color cross-hair of when creating object

Sorry for lots of small questions…

With the new high resolution I lose the cross-hair of when starting to create an object, like line, curve etc…

Below is capture of the cross hair

I was looking into appearance->Colors->Interface objects->Cross Hair , but that didn’t seem like the right one.

It maybe due to 4K resolution I’m using on a
Is there like a png file which I can edit manually?

Hi Toshiaki - I’ll see if I can find out if this is included in the high-res adjustments made in V6…

@Toshiaki_Takano you should see larger cross hairs outside of that central ‘blip’ -


do you not get those?


@Pascal I do get those as well, but on the 4K 15inch the lines are still quite thin and depending on the background I lose it now and then.

I guess with 4K or 3Ks on laptop the other icons are also a bit small…
for example below gumball. V5 one seemed bigger… though can’t recall how that looked at the moment…


I can’t seem to capture cross hairs so I just made a look-a-like.

For V6 the left is the cross hair and for V5 I get something which has a bolder line.
From my point of view, the right one looks more outstanding with the background.
(Anyone else seeing difficulty? Just me?)