Enhancing Viewport Interaction: A Request for Smoother Selections

I wanted to share a user experience issue I’ve been encountering while working with Rhino 3D, particularly when using the selection tool beyond the viewport boundaries. This issue is more pronounced when dealing with large-scale and detailed compositions.

Problem Description: When attempting to select objects beyond the viewport, I’ve noticed a jarring and unpleasant “biting” motion. This is particularly noticeable during extensive selections in detailed projects. The movement is also comparatively slow.

Comparison with Photoshop: To illustrate the issue, I’ve attached a video demonstrating the selection tool in Rhino 3D Beta and compared it with a similar function in Photoshop. In Photoshop, the movement is notably more natural and smoother. Moreover, Photoshop allows for speed control by holding down the SHIFT key during the process.

Rhino 3D Beta - Selection Tool Movement (Beyond Viewport):

Photoshop - Selection Tool Movement (With SHIFT Key for Speed Control):

Additional Observation: After discussions with my colleague @Jonish, we found that creating a _Rectangle using Rhino does not exhibit the same movement beyond the viewport.

Request: I believe enhancing the viewport interaction, making it more fluid and responsive, would significantly improve the user experience, especially for those working on large-scale projects. Additionally, incorporating a feature to control the speed, perhaps by using a modifier key like SHIFT, would align Rhino 3D with the intuitive functionality found in other design software.

I appreciate your attention to this matter and would love to hear your thoughts on potential improvements or workarounds.

All the best,

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Scrolling on object creation would make it very difficult to get to osnaps, turn layers on/off, change display settings etc. without your whole viewport shifting. I imagine that would be fairly annoying :grimacing:

I must admit that I just zoom out/in (mouse wheel) in order to speed up the selection, rather than wait for the objects to slowly shuffle into view. Back in the days (maybe V5?) the origin of your selection window didn’t stay in place if you zoomed in/out… Now THAT was a PITA! But the Shift-key -modifier from PS is neat!


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Indeed, scrolling during creation makes it challenging to access UI functions. Thank you for explaining. But still when selecting, the ‘move/scroll’ of the viewport could be smoother with adjustable speed, similar to the functionality of holding down the ‘Shift’ key.

PS: I’d like to add that using Rhino on a fast GPU and a high-frequency screen provides a pleasant experience.

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PS using a 3d mouse make moving the camera during selection completely easy.
You can even use cross-selection(right to left) or normal selection(left to right) possible where it would be impossible normally, for example where are lots of packed geometries and you want to cross-select a small area, but you cant click anywhere because everything fill the screen: you move away the camera, start cross-selecting in the middle of the screen and then move the camera. Difficult to describe but this often save me a lot of time.