Enhancement: Measure Edge Continuity with Surface

Rhino can match Surfaces to curves (on Surfaces) and even match inside Surfaces.

However the Edge Continuity Analysis has no way to evaluate this, it only measures Edge to Edge. Even though these are valid and common cases of Edge Continuity conditions of the matched Surface.

My proposal is to add surfaces and curves to the Edge Continuity Analysis.
This way all the cases that could be generated by the Match-Tool could also be analysed.

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good suggestion- will write it up!


Great, thank you!

The myjetbrains side is not visible to the public, could you tell me what the release target is for this?

Unscheduled at this point- Likely after the 7 release.

Meaning V8? That would be really unfortunate. Adding a proper Continuity Analysis would Rhino finally give a “Bare Bones” Class-A tool set, so I would really like to see this considered for V7.

I tried to explain the importance of a “Distance Analysis”, which Position Deviation in Edge Continuity is - at leat for surface edges- in a different thread:

Some additional use cases of Edge Continuity used as Distance Analysis:

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Thank you Kyle,

as a side note I proposed this as the “second half” of a Distance Analysis toolset, enabling the user to take measurements from a curve to its surounding geometry: LINK

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