Enhancement: Fractions with Font Sizes

On the Object’s pane, if you enter a fraction, it appears to take the / as a delimiter. It would be nice to be able to enter a fractional value.

For height?

Whoa, that’s a straight up Adobe Illustrator throwback. Watch out.

While it can in no way be used with the Object Panel, Using the Command field in the sidebar (or popup, if you have it there) will do what we assume you’re aiming at.
In other words. With 72pts / inch and you want 1in Text height scaled to 12 pt font.
Scale: Then enter 12/72 in the Command Field for the Scale factor.

Voila, complex math. ; )

However, beware of the additional scaling the the Layouts window. I use this little tool to measure Text so it doesn’t get too small in my plans, you may find it useful: (I have no idea why it’s 2.7 MB.)

Text_Size_Ruler.3dm (2.6 MB)

Here is how I use it in Model Space:

If you use it in Layouts, be sure to scale it so the 5mm square is actually 5mm in the layout, it will paste in with the Model space scale.

Yes, that’s what I noticed: It works in the commands but not with the font sizes.