Engraved Pattern on Torus

Grasshopper is not required to use Paneling Tools, all of this can be accomplished using standard Rhino commands.

Basic workflow is:

  • Create your base object (Torus) and your pattern object using the standard Rhino modeling tools.
  • _ptGridSurfaceDomainNumber to make the first bounding grid from the base object (Torus).
  • _ptOffsetPoints to make the second bounding grid from the first bounding grid created above.
  • _OffsetSrf on the Torus to make the outer bounding surface
  • _ptPanel3DCustom
    • Start the ptPanel3DCustom command.
    • Select first bounding paneling grid.
    • Select second bounding paneling grid.
    • Select two bounding surfaces (optional, but if omitted
      output will be faceted - see below).
    • Select 3D pattern (any type object).
    • Press Enter to accept options.

This is what the output looks like if you don’t supply the 2 bounding surfaces: