EndBulge and zebra

I would like to comment on the EndBulge command
during activation.
the zebra does not work
…I find that endbulge is a very important command to have some flexibility in modeling

I would also like you to add the option two edges at the same time to adjust the surface on both sides

thanks for the rhino3d development team :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello - yep, I am with you on both of these, just using the tool now, in fact…

RH-58711 EndBulge: show the zebra

RH-59953 End bulge - control opposite edges at the same time


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Hello Pascal
it important the analysis tools must work in real time with all the surface modification commands.
you already mentioned these future options :slight_smile: :innocent:
thank you Pascal

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Ya know, yeah zebra should work here but I really rarely use EndBulge. I prefer to freeform point-edit surfaces to get the overall curvature I want, then ‘nail them down’ with MatchSrf or other methods. The “paremeter space” of possible solutions to how to place points of a surface while maintaining continuity is infinitely larger than the narrow range of solutions EndBulge gives. The ability to bulge out part of an edge is a nice gimmick for the sales demo but extremely rarely of any actual use.

hello jim
i know .we can work the surface by moving the control points on free mode. or use the match surface 4 edge but it will take more time if we really want to have specific shapes
i use history to deplace the control points and have a preview on the shapes
or dragmode only

Seems like one of these issues have been fixed in the latest Rhino 7 update: :smiley:

Edit: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-59953 Does not work on my freshly updated Rhino 7 SR7 (7.7.21131.13001, 2021-05-11)… :upside_down_face:

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I was happy to see that good news !! but it also didn’t work on the new rhino7 update !!! I don’t know if the problem is really fixed.