End script upon closing Rhino


I am trying to run a simple tracking system for Rhino where it is easy to look back at a log and determine how much time was spent on each file.

It seems pretty simple so far to have Rhino run the script on setup and use the “time.time()” function for elapsed time tracking. The part I am unsure of is how to end the script. Ideally, I would like for it to export a .txt file to my desktop upon closing. I am not sure how to have the script recognize a close file command. It may also work when a save is done. Any ideas?


I believe it will be simpler to use *.cmd or *.bat file to run Rhino.
Upon start save the time to a txt file by simply:
time/t >> c:\users\currentuser\Desktop\Rhino.Log

then do the same before closing the batch and after rhino closes, usually these kind of batches will pause until Rhino is closed then continue.

That is if you don’t mind to keep that command prompt window open until Rhino closes.

I agree, it would be quite useful to have a box for “End Scripts” similar to “Startup Scripts”

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