End of universe environment trouble

Work In Progress
(8.0.23080.12305, 2023-03-21)

I use mainly environments assigned to the various objects that make up my models, for display in the render view.

In this WIP in every model i open all the icons in the material editor that are environments slowly turn black.
Any materials that are not environments are unchanged.
When I say “slowly turn black”, its like the end of the universe, in that all the stars one by one just go out - it takes about 40 or 50 seconds for about 40 or so icons.
If the slider controlling size is moved, they all refresh to their proper display, but then repeat the blacking out.

The actual model is unchanged, all the materials display as expected.

This is a permanent change - once the model has gone through this process, it remains with the icons all black, even if the model is saved out to V7 and reopened.

Wha go on…?

what kind of materials are you using? best you save some sample geometry plus texture into a file and post it

EOU_sample file.3dm (8.9 MB)

Hi @rabbit I see indeed some unexpected behavior. The only way for me to get proper material previews with your file is setting it with the marked button. Is that the same at your end?

Yes, this is correct.

@rabbit sorry for the late response to this issue. It is now logged as RH-74512 material previews are not updating correctly