Emulating Win on Mac

What is the best and most trusted software that allows for running RH5 and 6 for Windows on Mac?
MacBookPro, the latest one (not my choice though).
Thanks for the tips

Bootcamp. --Mitch

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Yep. Only reliable way.

Is it something available on the pre-installed system or require downloading / paying?

type Boot camp in Spotlight

OK thanks, I’m an old PC fan, new to the Mac world.

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Another consideration is to make sure the display adapter on your Mac meets Rhino for Windows’ System Requirements.

See Apple’s guidelines

Very straightforward and easy to use. If you install NTFS for Mac you have full access to your Windows partition. It also works very well the other way around with HFS+

Very helpful.
Do I need a serial No for Windows to perform the installation or does it comes with a package?
Tack för hjälpen!

You need, obviously, a legitimate Windows copy… Apple’s bootcamp only provides the functionality to operate a second OS on your Mac.

OK, got it.

just to be sure that there is no misunderstanding, its actually not emulating when you use bootcamp, it runs windows natively.


That is an important but commonly misunderstood point.
Thanks for bringing it up.

FYI I use parallels a lot on my MAC but not for this as it would not have the ‘umph’ required.

Windows with Bootcamp installed and then converted to a Parallels virtual machine. Using it under Parallels most of the time to easily switch to other Mac apps. But still have the option to reboot in Windows mode using Bootcamp if all CPU power and RAM is needed for Windows apps only.

You can download full Win 10 version from Microsoft for free and install it without a key. You need the key if you want to customize some of the Windows settings. But for testing purposes it’s running without a key.

Where is that?
For me it´s 279 €.

Download directly from Microsoft.

instructions and further explanations:

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