Emulate/simulate wrinkles whent a tape is placed along a curve

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First of all, many thanks for having a look at my post.
I’m working on AFP (automatic fibre placement) and I wonder if is there a way to simulate/create the wrinkles when the tape is placed along a curve. For a better idea please see the images attached.
Fig 2

At AFP we have carbon fibre tape and the objective is to place the tape on a surface trying to achieve the minimum of defects. When the tape is placed following a straight line, the tape can be placed very well, but the thing is when the tape is placed along a curve with a certain radius we will get some deformations/wrinkles on the inner tape side.
So I would like to try to recreate that defect using grassopper, is there a plugin for that? Or any idea of how can I do that?
Many thanks in advance for your comments.

Hi, I don´t know if this is any help, but one idea:
Create your tape in Rhino using a curve as the middle axis and offset your edges. Then:
→ measure the length of your tape in the middle
→ measure the length of the “inner” shorter edge of your tape
→ calculate the deviation middle/shorter edge in %

Apply this exact tape in the real world. By doing this several times you could find out, which is the maximum deviation that can be allowed. Then just avoid designing tapes with higher deviation.

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Keeping both edges of the tape the same length as one edge follows a curve might be a job for Kangaroo? This is a crude illustration of the general idea, with two different curves and manually adjusted sliders to set max rotation angle so length of the rotated edges is the same as the original curve:

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I gave it a shot with Kangaroo. Made it so it wrinkles in a visually cool way, but might not be physically accurate. Play around with the strengths of each force til it looks like you want it

FlatTapeDeformation.gh (14.7 KB)