Empty walls and slabs in sections when I will print from layout

I have a problem when I Print in 2d or 3d sections and even with plans. The walls and slabs are filled but when I print it become empty. Bellow you can see an example.

Hi Laura, could you send us the model to visualarq@asuni.com? We will check it out and fix any possible bug about this matter.

Hi thanks for the reply, the example model is below but it happens with all
my models in all the computers I have tried.


Hi @LAURA_MEDINA thanks for the file. Same error happens in my PC. We will try to fix this bug for the next version. I’ll keep you posted.

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Thanks, I would appreciate it because this tool is very usefull to me.

@LAURA_MEDINA Good news: the recent VisualARQ2 RC4 version fixes this error. You can download it from the website: http://www.visualarq.com/download/beta/

Thanks a lot! I am exited to try the new version.

Hi, I am trying to download the new version of visualarq but my license key
is not working and the last version is not working any more, please help me
because I am in a hurry with a project.

Hi @LAURA_MEDINA is your license key not working when trying to download VisualARQ or when activating the program?
In the first case, please send me your licence key to visualarq@asuni.com and I’ll check it out.
In the second case make sure you are entering the VisualARQ 2 license key you have received by e-mail after filling the form to download the VisualARQ 2 update: http://www.visualarq.com/download/update/

Hi fsalla,

I already got my license key and I am working in my projects, thank you
because VisualArq is a nice software!. Althought there is another thing
that is not working, it is the spiral stairs tool, I can not find the
opcion in this new version. Could you help me with it please.


Laura Medina Guzmán.

Hi @LAURA_MEDINA, the Spiral stair option is in the Command line after you run the vaStair command. We have changed this workflow due to the change on the stair insert dialog.
Kind regards