Empty sphere


I´m trying to create an empty sphere, wich I´ll substract with a cube. The thing is that I´ve created a two from he same base but different radius, and their subtraction should be what I´m looking for. When I get the difference between the result and the cube It´s not a “dome” but a “semisphere”.

Regardless ofthe fact that they are an sphere and a cube, or the thikness of he “ballon” I think that the empty solid I want can´t be got in Grasshopper.
Could I get it somehow?


Images and files would help

If you mean substraction between two spheres where one is inside that will not give you any result, you need create a solid with offset

if you want like this, use Pufferfish offset surface to create solid

Thanks Seguier, that´s what I need, but I was looking for a way to do it with native components. e.g. I tried to draw a section and rotate it 360 degrees but it didn´work.

you can try this but the plugin is better

if you want use arc and revolution

shell.gh (12.9 KB)