Emissive light not rendering anymore


since I’ve integrated in a block a railing from visualarq all the Led light (which have an emissive material) do not render anymore with Vray.

This happens in another block as well, same story: there are some columns made with visualarq, and the Led lights are not rendered.
If I remove the lights from the block they start to be rendered again.

Btw this not solve the problem since I need them to be incorporated in the same block.

Does anybody know how to fix?


Hi @clacortese,

I have tried to render a railing and a cube with emissive material, both inside a block, and it worked as expected.

Which version of VisualARQ and V-Ray are you using?
Can you send the model to visualarq@asuni.com ?


Dear Ramon,

I’ve updated the Vray version, seems to work!! Thanks

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