Embedding problem

I am having trouble to show my models on fx. Buxus

I have enabled my custom domains to include Chipchop.dk

I just updated my DNS Records so maybe that is the reason… I will give it a few hours if you don’t know what is wrong right of the bat…

Are all of the host names you are using (including subdomains) included in the allowed domains for your models?

No subdomains are used. And yes they are added. It works fine on chipchop.azurewebsites.net

These allowed domains (hostnames) are case sensitive :wink:

Okay. Its like the system doesn’t let me only add chipchop.dk and not Chichop.dk

I am sure you are right. But it is true, it’s not possible for me to add chipchop.dk with lower case. If this had been a textfield it would have worked im am sure :slight_smile:

Please fix this issue, it would be deeply appreciated!

The issue is fixed and it should work now. Please go to edit mode of the model and save it again to update the setting.