Embedding Files

How’s the best way to embed linked files for dropboxing a model?

Currently I have a boat hull model, with 5 different cabin options. All 5 cabin options have the same layer structure as the hull model.
When I go to block manager and ‘embed’ the cabin files, they are placed on the same layer as the hull model rather than in the ‘block sub layer’ structure. I need them to stay on their origional layers so we can turn those cabin options on and off.

Does anyone have any tips for shareing files like this?


Hi Chris - if the files are linked - which from your subject here may not be the case - set the layers to be ‘reference’ rather than ‘active’. You can do this at insert time or later in BlockManager.


Hi Pascal,

The files are currently linked with layers as reference. I wish to embed the models, keeping the layer structure as per when they’re linked.
Currently, when I embed the linked files (so I can hand the file over cleanly) the files I’m embeding drop their parts onto the source file layers, rather than staying on their own.

I’ve added a couple of images to show what’s happening.
I would have thought that when I changed the linked block to embeded, they’d keep their existing layer structure.


Yeah, I see - I do not see a good way to do this, I’m afraid.