Embedd images in gh def vs. loading them from links

Hi everyone,

Quick question here!

Lets say we want to allow the use to choose from 15 different image backgrounds in our customizer.
What would be the fastest way to compute/display them projected on a mesh?

Having each image internalised in our definition?
Loading them everytime from urls?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

If the images donโ€™t change you can internalise them all in the Bitmap component in your Grasshopper definition.

If they are likely to change itโ€™s definitely more flexible to load them form the URL.

In any case, make sure the images are reasonable size, ideally less than 1024x1024 px. More on texturing in this article, see section โ€œWhy Do I Need A Seamless Material?โ€ for details on texture optimisation.

You can use texture mapping components form the Human plugin as covered in this video tutorial:

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