Embed Rhino in another Application?

(Flamandier) #1


My need is to add 2D modeling capabalities to my busineess application in C#.Net. My application has its own business objects , and a dedicated UI to input technological data . But here is a need to draw these objects ,and I don’t want to re-code 2D graphics, 2D Geometry “from scratch” .

The scenario I Would like to do is

  1. The user choose in my application an object to draw, for example a wall
  2. Inside my application the user draw the “wall” in embeded Rhino
  3. Thne I can I get in my application some information from embeded Rhino ( Postion of wall for example)

For this scenario , I need to use a customize UI windows , embed it in my application, i need to have an access to Rhino API.

Is Rhino a right tool fo such scenario ?



Have you read up on Rhino Inside?

(Flamandier) #3

Interestiing !

Thanks for answer.

If I go on with Rhino , what would be the licensing model ?

For example, I have a team team of 5 developers on the project, and I build an application integrating Rhino Inside that I will sell to 30 customers .

How many licenses would I need ?

Thanks .

(Dale Fugier) #4

To use Rhino.Inside, you need a license of Rhino.

– Dale