Embed interactive model on web page?

Hi - I’d like to embed a Rhino 3D model on a web page, and have it be interactive, the way it is in the iRhino 3D app for iPad. There used to be a plugin for that apparently, but it can’t be found. Is there a solution? Thanks in advance for any help, track, suggestion.

Check out Iris (in development)… --Mitch

Simlab also gives you the option to embed a 3d pdf in a webpage without you having to deal with that yourself.

Thanks, Mitch. Very promising.

I have a model, a 3DM file (and iRhino on iPad), but note: I don’t own Rhino the app for Mac. So there’s no way, at this point, that I can make that particular model available (and interactive) online, on a web page, is there? Also, what would the end viewer need to be able to manipulate the file on screen online?

Thanks Wim. The PDF option is interesting, but the model would be static in that case, wouldn’t it? I would like it to be interactive, to rotate etc.

No, you can export as a 3D PDF that you can rotate etc. With scripting you can also add interactivity.

There are other such plug-ins but I’m happy with this one…

You still would need to have Rhino (for Windows in this case) to use the plug-in. --Mitch

Hi, have you checked http://shapediver.com/ ?
Just tried it out and it worked out well!

Hi -
FWIW, there’s now also the At.Studio plugin - https://www.food4rhino.com/app/atstudio

And rview https://mcneel.github.io/rview/#/

Source code is at https://github.com/mcneel/rview


have you tried interactive 3D streaming? great solution in your case Online Demo. CAD/BIM/3D models interactive streaming.