Embed GH definitions in RH file (like bitmaps)

I wonder whether someone asked for it before…
Very often, going back to an archive, I find it difficult to know which Gh files I have used in my Rhino work.
Would it be possible to embed Gh files into Rhino files, just like we do with bitmaps, or create the additional information somewhere (options?) about it?
What you guys think?

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I don’t know about embedding, but a while ago I suggested McNeel to create a project-kind-a-file. zip+manifest.xml type of file containing all data 3dm, gh files scripts and rendering stuff like materials and referenced background images.

Surprisingly, McNeel bashed my idea with utter contempt

A now achievable option is to include the file path of your GH definitions as metadata in the document using the GetDocumentUserText/SetDocumentUserText commands.

Archives have a diffrent locations, paths etc so this could work in a limited cases.

Have you placed them manually or there is sort of automation to it?

I did it manually but it’s easily automatable. I don’t need this because I only work with GH, very rarely I need something specific from Rhino.

I am talking about the way .xlsx, .docx, pptx, .epub, .3dxml formats work. They contain a lot of data inside and the paths are relative. It doesn’t matter where this project file is stored.

If you’re talking about storing 3dm and gh files separately. Then this “project” may not be your best choice but if you use the same gh file with multiple 3dm files you could simply bundle them all together.

Also these kinds of zip.xml based formats can handle referenced files upon start as well. This way you do not need to remember which gh requires which 3dm.

  1. I now nothing about coding, languages etc.
  2. I am againts large Gh files as they load long and do a lot of unnecessary computing. The specific of my work (time pressure) requires creating lots of files ad hoc to test something new. I end up with many short gh definitions, named correctly, but it is still not enough if one concept design has 15 alterations and I can’t simply remember what was used with one of them.
    I know I have to come up with some more clever naming system, just like I did for my layers.
    Thanks for the tips, anyway.