Embed feature - all textures are red

I am testing the embedding feature and I have one problem. The file that is working correctly on the site, is getting all the textures colored red:

Embed vs shapediver

Is the reason that I do not have a pro account yet? I just want to make sure, because this is a test for a client and if he accepts it we will invest in PRO version, we just want to know if we can promise that the embedded version will work correctly.

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Could you copy here the embed code that you are using in the first screenshot? I don’t know what would cause this exactly, but I can try to reproduce the problem.
Something to make sure of is that you are hiding all of the geometry in your definition (turn preview off) except for the ShapeDiver display components.
In any case, in a few days the viewer will be updated to a completely new version, likely fixing this bug if it’s one. However, note that after this update is rolled out, embedding will only be available to Pro users, but you can rest assured that embedded models will look identical to what you see on the ShapeDiver platform.

The embed code:

<iframe id='sd-iframe-15611' style='width:70%;height:450px' frameBorder=0 allowFullScreen src='https://www.shapediver.com/embed/nuhus?viewerSettings=%7B%22allowFullscreen%22%3Afalse%2C%22showZoomControl%22%3Afalse%2C%22cameraRevertAtMouseUp%22%3Afalse%2C%22cameraAutoAdjust%22%3Afalse%2C%22staticControls%22%3Afalse%7D'><p><a href='https://www.shapediver.com'>3d configurator powered by <b>ShapeDiver</b></a></p></iframe><script>document.getElementById('sd-iframe-15611').onload = function(){this.contentWindow.postMessage({'iFrameInit':true},'https://www.shapediver.com');}</script>

I have everything hidden as I already had the proboem with unhidden objects before

hi mathieu,
I have the same problem, I solved it in advance so I only use SDsimpleMaterial instead of SDMaterial in GH. as soon as SDMaterial is used, the materials in the embed view are displayed in red. In addition, shadow and ambient occlusion do not work in the embed view, which is a pity.


a note to this is shown in the console, maybe it is related to it


Hi @chr.staehle,

Apologies for the inconvenience. We are currently updating our viewer and in the process there can be some strange bugs like the one you are experiencing. This will be fixed very soon and by next week the bug will be gone.

The problems above all happened in the old version of the shapediver viewer, which is not actively maintained anymore. I have tested both models in the new viewer (on the website and embedded elsewhere) and couldn’t reproduce the issues, therefore I would suggest upgrading to the new viewer, which is the one used by our website after our recent update (app.shapediver.com).
However, please note that as of this update, external embedding is only available to Pro users, which means that the embed code will not be visible from the free account interface. If you want to test embedding in your website, please send us a request for a 1-month free trial.